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Precision Made Power Increases Productivity

Making the right choice for your performance needs

Modern diesel engines have shared the same basic principals for over 100 years but computers have now replaced the mechanical systems of the past. The onboard computer found on most modern tractors is the “brain” and it contains all of the programming that controls engine related functions. This phenomenon has opened the door to new and exciting research for ways to improve performance, production, and fuel efficiency.

Research pays off

With our ability to reprogram the on-board computers (ECU). Ekotuning has emerged as an industry leader in generating more power and improved fuel economy. Our dyno-proven tuning guarantees results, and your experience in the field confirms it!

More power, less fuel. Is it possible?

Our tailor made software is designed and individually engineered for each and every machine and it takes into account the owners needs. In heavy pulling applications the tractor will benefit from improved low end torque. This allows the operator to shift up, while increasing speed. By utilizing lower engine rpm’s, and increased speed - the end result is less fuel per acre!

Is EkoTuning safe?

Our methods are identical to the methods used by the manufacturer. Through research of an individual engine and its capabilities we ensure that programming stays within OEM specs for that engine family. Our on-location dyno tuning capability allows us to demonstrate the results under various loads.

Tailor made tuning for all makes and models

Model Stock HP E-power
JD 7220 110 hp 130 - 200 hp
JD 8310R 310 hp 350 - 400 hp
JD 7230R 230 hp 260 - 330 hp
JD 9330 375 hp 400 - 500 hp
JD 9660sts 285 hp 300 - 400 hp
CNH Magnum 325 235 hp 270 - 350 hp
CNH Magnum 335 330 hp 350 - 395 hp
CNH Steiger 535 535 hp 585 - 690 hp
NH T7200 200 hp 220 - 270 hp
NH T9020 335 hp 350 - 395 hp

What are our customers saying?

“Pulling an air seeder I was able to shift up two gears and throttle back. I am now planting 390 acres of wheat per tank of fuel compared to only 300 acres before reprogramming.”

“Had the tractor sitting here but we were not able to use it because it couldn’t pull the liquid manure tank. It has become a useful tractor without spending a lot of money.”

“By gaining 1.5 mph harvesting corn, not only am I using less fuel, I get the job done faster.”

“My combine used to struggle through tough patches but now it doesn’t even feel it.”

“Fuel consumption went down from 1.1 gallons per acre to 0.8 while pulling my 13 shank chisel plow.”