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Why LED Lights?

LED Lights might cost more up front, but they provide larger savings over time. LED's last 5X longer than HID lights, and provide better visibility. The bright white color of LED lights and overall coverage of the lights can help reduce operator fatigue.

Watts & Lumens

When comparing incandescent bulbs, higher watts directly relates to how bright the light is. With LED's that is not the case. LED's naturally have lower wattage with greater light output. The reflectors and optics also make an impact on how bright the light can be. Instead of relying on watts to describe the brightness of a light, we use a term called Lumens.

There are two common terms in the LED light industry that relate to Lumens: Raw Lumens and Effective Lumens. Raw Lumens is measured when the lights first turn on. At this point the LED's are cold and have maximum output. After running, the lights get hot and use the heat-sink to stay cool. Effective Lumens is measured when the LED's are at a constant operating temperature. Every time we use the term Lumens, we are referring to the Effective Lumens.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light, measured in units of absolute temperature on the Kelvin Scale (K). Lower temperature is described as a warmer color. Candlelight, for example, is around 1,900K. A Halogen light with a temperature around 3,000K is a warm light.

High temperature is described more as a cooler color. Daylight is around 6,000K. The LED's we use have a temperature range of around 5,500-6,000K. This projects a clear white light that makes it easy on the eyes.

Beam Patterns

Light Beam Patterns are used to describe how the light is projected outwards. A spot beam is a focused circular pattern that projects the light a long distance. This allows you to see what is directly in from of you at great distances. A flood beam is a large wide pattern that projects at a short distance. A trapezoid beam is in between a food and spot. It projects a narrower flood light that can travel farther.

A driving beam is a unique rectangular pattern. The light beam is wide but not very tall. This allows the light to cover the road for the driver and travel a far distance. As well as not shine directly into on-coming traffic. These lights are designed to be used for driving on highways and trails.

What is the difference between Premium LED Lights and Economy LED Lights ?

The basic difference is the length of warranty we offer. Economy LED Lights generally have a 2 year warranty and Premium LED Lights have a limited lifetime warranty.